Who we are


We are a premium aerial equipment brand based in the UK that focuses on designing and manufacturing the highest quality aerial apparatuses. All of our equipment is the result of years of expertise and research, by aerialists, for aerialists.

Through our years of development and experience, and a strategic partnership with Firetoys, we are designing and improving aerial products to the highest of standards. With durability and safety in mind, each of our products are independently strength tested and used by our staff of aerialists in order to ensure you get the maximum amount of performance.

At Prodigy, we provide a range of equipment for different aerial disciplines, with new products constantly in development. From aerial silks to aerial nets, each of our products aim to raise the current standard of equipment available.

Our products are being distributed by firetoys and can be found worldwide! Watch this space for new product announcements and tips on how to care for your aerial gear!