Aerial Yoga has been the go to exercise for trendy fitness gurus for a few years now, and the benefits are diverse and well documented. Combining traditional yoga, pilates, and aerial circus skills it trains strength, flexibility and general fitness in a fun and engaging way.

Prodigy Aerial Yoga Hammocks are a low stretch fabric, giving extra support throughout your workout or class. they are plenty wide as well, at 280cm, giving tons of material for your cocoons and wraps.

Perfect Stretch, Core Workout


The lower stretch also makes the fabric behave in a more predictable way, making it easier to set the correct height without having to compensate for the stretch once your weight is in it. This is great for a studio where you’re rigging at multiple heights for different moves as it means less time adjusting, fewer interruptions to your sequences, and a better class flow overall!.

Prodigy hammocks come in a wide range of colours, and work perfectly with the 2 O rings provided, or with the Hammock loop adjustors that Prodigy also makes.

These hammocks are cut, tied and inspected by prodigy, and are fully strength tested to make sure they are perfect for your practise.