The Prodigy silks are crafted from nylon in a way that gives them a small amount of bounce, without making them so stretchy as to drain your energy while climbing. This gives them enough cushioning for drops while leaving you with the stamina for long performances and routines.

Performance Ready

Our fabric is the perfect companion to professional aerial silks performers, the subtle sheen on the fabric gives a look that can’t be beaten under stage lights, and the wide draping fabric looks incredible in motion.

As these silks are a lighter construction than others, they drift back and forth, rippling under the lights and contributing an almost underwater quality to your drops, rolls and spins.

Extra Wide

Prodigy Aerial silks measure in at 290cm wide, these are excellent for cocoons and width based wraps, and can also be rigged as a hammock/loop. Fear not though, as they are a slightly finer knit than many silks at 40 denier, even with both halves bunched together, they won’t be too bulk for most aerialists hands.

Available in plenty of sizes, prodigy silks are ideal for any training space, or performance venue.

With a consistent stretch across the entire range, you can feel comfortable moving from an 8m to an 18m and still know how your silks are going to react.