Unlike some hybrid straps that use a single piece of scratchy-but-strong poly-cotton blend webbing, the outer part of these straps is pure cotton tubing, meaning that it heats up less and causes fewer friction burns.

Don’t worry though, the strength in these straps comes from their high tensile polyester core, woven for its incredible breaking strain. That’s not to say that they are entirely painless (no aerial straps are, no matter what they say!) but they do offer more cushioning than some less forgiving straps.

This cotton covering is the slightly off-white of natural cotton, preserving the natural (ecru) look of many classic straps. The 50mm wide webbing of these straps means that the weight of your body is distributed more evenly on your skin, meaning the pinching pressure of straps moves is minimised where possible.

These straps have a 35cm long end loop, a perfect size to grip and wrap, while also being large enough to fit an arm or entire leg through, for those of you that are more flexible.