Prodigy multi-point shackle aerial hoop

We have been working hard on bringing you a prodigy aerial hoop, and it’s finally here.

We wanted to make this hoop to be as versatile as possible, so we made a shackle hoop that can be used as a 1 -point, 2-point, 3-point or 0 point!

taped aerial hoop

The removable marine grade shackles allow you to attach your hoop without carabiners. Allowing a reduced rigging height, and less hardware getting in the way of your moves. This allows you to attach a strop or nylon sling  without losing height to a carabiner, and makes it much easier to perform “top of the hoop” moves where a larger attachment would be in the way, or can catch on clothing or even skin!

2 shackles

See the hoop in action here, along with prodigy snake tape, prodigy slings, and the prodigy multitool, which is included with the hoop!