how do you wash aerial silks or aerial yoga hammocks and slings without affecting their strength, and thus safety, or their vibrant colours?

Here’s our guide to safely and effectively wash your aerial silks.

Copyright: Chani Turner. Photographer: Andy RobinsonFor the lazy and less hygienically-minded of you out there you can temporarily improve your silks’ musk by using products like Febreze and Oust. These products won’t damage your silks but it is only a temporary measure. It’s much better to properly wash them. The good news you can machine wash aerial silks.

• You should properly inspect your aerial equipment before every use but while you’re preparing to wash your silks it’s a good opportunity to give them an even more thorough check.

• Only wash one silk at a time

• Use a mild detergent.

• Wash on a cold, delicate wash.

So far, so good. Now you need to dry your freshly washed, clean and sweetly smelling silks.

• Never tumble dry your silks, even on the lowest setting. Tumble drying your silks will damage the fibres making the silk weaker and therefore no longer safe to use.

• Avoid drying your silks outside or in direct sunlight. UV rays can also damage the material compromising their strength and making them unsafe to use.

• So, dry your silks inside, away from sunlight.

• If your training space is well ventilated you could even hang them from a point and let them dry there. To speed up drying you can direct a fan at the bottom of your silks.

• Make sure your silks are completely dry before using them again. So there you have it. A simple, safe and effective way to restore the glamour to your aerial silks or aerial yoga hammock.